110 Grill's Award-Winning Allergy Commitment

Here at 110 Grill, our award-winning allergy commitment accommodates all guest's allergen needs. We do this by…

  • Offering 100% of our main menu prepared gluten free!
  • Never placing flour, or any gluten product, in our fryolators. We are 100% GF for fried food.
  • Utilizing allergen picks for added awareness and safety.
  • Delivering allergy-related dishes to the table by managers only.
  • Providing extensive training to our management teams, who hold current certifications in Food Safety and Allergen Awareness
  • Training every employee in allergy awareness at several steps of service to ensure guest safety.
  • Handling every order with care, preparing dishes to order from fresh, whole ingredients in an open kitchen.

We are proud to be recognized by AllergyEats as a Top Ten Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Brand for 2020, 2019, and 2018.

Gluten-Free Dining Done Right!